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LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights

LEDlights4you NEW 180W & 240W LED flood lights are constructed to IP67 with TUV Rheinland Certification in corrosive proof casings, either alloy. There are two components, the LED chips mounted on a board and the driver, which converts the AC current to low voltage DC has to be robust. 
They have the best Drivers with TUV test certification; their capacity should exceed the load by 30%. With guarantees of 5 years they are built to last. However our experience is that well constructed and engineered LED lights will last 10 to 15 years. We already have hundreds of lights still in operation at over seven years old. 
If you buy quality LED lighting you’ll only buy them once!!

Most Halogen Flood lights used on commercial premises are there for a purpose, mainly security and safety for customers or/and employees.
Transport depots, Ports, Parking lots, Retailers, Warehousing etc: are often operated 24 hours and good lighting is essential.
Flood lighting is normally mounted at 5 or 10 meters high and invariably requires specialist access equipment to carry out maintenance, mainly bulb changing.
Replacing with LED lighting has two benefits, up to 90% energy saving and no maintenance or bulb replacement.

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One of the main concerns when replacing conventional lights with LED lighting is the cost and the level of Brightness or Lumen, will they perform as required.
Matching the Lumen performance with conventional Halogen or Sodium lights is not straightforward as these lights suffer from rapid depletion, 30% in 3 months on average, which is why contractors tend to add 25% more lighting to cover the minimum Lux level to allow for depletion. 90% of the energy is being burnt off in heat which is why the bulbs need replacement frequently.

LED lighting takes around 50,000 hours to deplete just 20% assuming you have premium LED chips i.e. Bridgelux, Samsung & Epistar. Cheap LED chips tend to deplete rapidly and give a disappointing performance in terms of brightness. Usually the flood lights available from electrical wholesalers give out 50% less light than equivalent wattage from a Branded premium chip.

Using premium chips means you also get a better quality of light, 6000k cool white is white not blue tinted. These give cleaner light especially effective where there are security cameras, as the picture definition is improved.
Conventional Halogens used in Industrial lighting are between 500w and 1000w. To replace these effectively and have the same performance the LED flood light needs to be very efficient. 
Surface mounted diodes from Bridgelux, Samsung & Epistar will give between 110-140 lumen per watt, with this performance 100w and 200w LED units with give the desired effect and the payback is around 12 months dependant on use.


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