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LED Lighting Service

Now Accredited with the Carbon Trust, 30% Green Business Grants Available NOW

Suppliers & Installers Commercial LED Lighting Products with TUV Certification (German Build Standard) 50,000hours Life 110 - 150 Lumen Per Watt. Pressures on productivity mean that good lighting is essential.

Tiredness and eye strain in the work place is often due to poor lighting.

With LED lighting the quality of the fitting is important to ensure long service, high performance, flicker less and shadow less lighting.


Our products are supplied direct so they are better value and have High Performance with a Better build quality.




We carry out this service free of charge (southern U.K.) making recommendations and giving advice on LUX levels and providing DiaLUX reports where required.


Health and Safety standards require recommended lighting standards where there is machinery operating, while it is not mandatory insurers are guided by them, therefore it's in every employers interest to ensure that lighting is of the required standard to carry out your business safely and efficiently.


Specialise in Vehicle preparation centres, Engineering Workshops, Warehouses, Carpark Lighting and Offices.

Replacement of obsolete lighting has become a priority as we approach 2017 when inefficient lighting will no longer be produced and LEDs are set to replace them.

LEDs are pure electronics and therefore enclosure designs are often very different to the lights being replaced.

Stylish alloy and polycarbonate are the preferred housing combination providing good IP rating and heat dissipation.


Our contractors and staff are all highly trained in the installation of electrical apparatus and work to IEE Standards.

To summarise our service

  • Survey present lighting and consider the alternatives.

  • Test present LUX levels and compare with HSE recommendations.

  • Provide spread sheets showing costings and payback figures.

  • Consider lease options for a capital free install.

  • Quote a fully installed price.

If you wish to use our advisory service please call for a quotation and learn how you can get the service as part of a package for FREE.